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100 things only a movers knows

Disclaimer: BC Movers does not endorse or support or any of the views included. These have been assembled from a dozen different professional movers and years of experience. This post is meant to be funny and relieve some stress (hopefully). Read at your own discretion.

1) A“small” move fills a 5 ton truck.
2) Bad access sets the mood for the day.
3) The customer hears everything you say. Loose lips, sink ships.
4) Guaranteed tip equals disappointment
5) People think movers aren’t smart.

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10 questions to ask your mover (to find out if they are amateurs or professionals)

Before I begin, congratulations on your move! Whether you are moving to save money or more space for your family, moving is always a new beginning. BC Movers wants to wish you the best.

Between coordinating mail, updating your address and organizing the move you probably don’t have much time. BC Movers wants to save you time with these ten questions that can instantly separate the good from the bad (movers).

Moving is by and large a relatively unregulated industry. A lot of the due diligence falls on the consumer. Your movers are going to be in temporary possession of many important items, some of which will have sentimental value. In some cases your belongings might represent a lifetime of work. For items such as, family heirlooms, memorable photos, jewelry, and any other property of irreplaceable nature, we recommend moving those prized possessions yourself, if possible. In the event you are not able to carry your irrecoverable contents with you, we suggest you make sure they are accompanied by a complete list of inventory and brought to the attention of the person in charge of handling your move.

These days you can pretty much start a moving company with a website, rent a truck and hire “friends,” a credit card or other method to pay for some instant advertising on a search engine or even a well known free directory like “Craigslist.

Our purpose in providing these 10 questions to ask a moving company before hiring them is to help you avoid being misled.

Anyone can make a hamburger, it doesn’t mean that the meat is safe to eat.”

Here is a Canadian version of the top 10 questions to instantly figure out if you are dealing with a professional.

1) Are you insured? What type of coverage do you have? Would you mind emailing us a copy of your certificate of insurance?

Since every mover is mandated by law to cover $0.60 per lb., the misconception is they “have insurance.” Well, if your 100 pound $5,000.00 big screen T.V, or expensive irreplaceable 5 pound oil painting are worth a total coverage of $63.00, then I guess you could say “technically” the movers without coverage are “insured.” Not only does the default coverage of $0.60 lb, legislated by the Transportation Act, NOT provide equal value coverage, it doesn’t provide any general liability for property damage to your house/condo, theft, or loss of your belongings either. Moving companies and carriers that have legitimate insurance policies have something to lose, and this is why they typically operate with qualified staff, more sophisticated protocols for providing a professional standard of service, and proper equipment to do the work.

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Straight Answers About Moving Rates

It is hard to get a straight answer about moving rates.

Moving fees can seem as confusing as your taxes.

If you have felt this way before, you aren’t alone.

BC Movers Truck

This is a guide with some straight answers for people who are trying to price their move.

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10 Things You Need To Get Rid Of

One of the things that many people have difficulty doing before they move is decluttering. You have to be vicious when you declutter. Do you need it to live? What value does it give you?

Here are 10 different things that you need to get rid of before you move.

Get Rid of Clutter

Get Rid of Clutter

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BC Movers – Just a little of what we do

Local Vancouver Movers – Great rates. See what we can do for you in this video below.

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Movicorn – The BC Movers Mascot

BC Movers newest addition: Our Mascot – Movicorn

Unlike the legendary unicorn, Movicorn is here. To provide you with top level service. And to help your children keep believing that maybe, just maybe, unicorns are real.

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Local Movers in Yaletown

Vancouver Home Movers with professionalism.

BCMovers are careful and experienced.  Here are some pictures of a local move in Yaletown.

Apartment movers in Yaletown

BCMovers Moving an apartment in Yaletown


Whether it is condos or apartments, BCMovers has the experience to make your move smooth.

Yaletown has become one of the most luxurious places in Vancouver to live.


Yaletown has become synonymous with Vancouver’s development. New buildings are going up at an unbelievable pace. Yaletown has completely changed over the last 3 decades. It continues to change at a breakneck pace.

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Choose Professional Local Movers to put your mind at rest.

Professional Movers protect your property from damage. BCMovers keeps your belongings protected.

This video shows the professional equipment BCMovers brings to every move.

One of the first things you may notice in this video is how there is a plank that covers the entrance steps. Here are some other things your movers should be doing:

Covering the floor, especially hardwood floors

By laying out covering over the floor, this protects against contact damage. Most moving companies use dollies and wheelers to speed up the move. This does not protect against dirt from outside.

Wrapping furniture in pads

Although most furniture will be strapped down to dollies. There is always a possibility of contact damage during transport to the truck. Also, there is a possibility of touching or contact inside the truck. Portions of furniture that could come into contact with walls, floors or the elements should be protected with furniture pads. Every moving truck should have pads. This gives an extra degree of preparation.

During moving, bulky items can unintentionally rub up against walls in narrow passages. Simple wrap allows for no mistakes. Any kind of rubbing will leave marks on the walls and potentially damage furniture. Especially the finishes on chairs and tables.

Wrapping fragiles in bubble wrap

Glass, China, plates – all of these are items that rarely move around in your residence. To move them in bulk requires careful insulation. Depending on the items, they will probably be layered inside boxes. The safest way to transport items in bubble wrap is to stagger them inside of the boxes. One layer being put diagonally on top of a level below it being staggered diagonally in a different direction. This allows items to have some space during transport. Items that are packed too tightly risk being damaged during transportation.

Boxing items

Boxing can be a bit of an art. BCMovers is a full service moving company. We are happy to do the packing for you. Proper boxing saves you time and money. It protects against damage. It also lessens bulk.

Make sure that all boxes are properly labelled. This makes finding your belongings easier.

Make sure that your local Vancouver movers are employing proper equipment and professional moving standards.

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Local Moves In Vancouver Done by Professionals

BCMovers Local Vancouver Moves

BCMovers are professional Vancouver Movers. This is a video of a move we did recently in downtown Vancouver. We are available for moves anywhere in the lower mainland. Whether that is in Vancouver, Delta, or even Vancouver Island. Don’t hesitate to call us at (604) 317-1986.

This is what a move should look like – items packed and walkways clear. For longer staircases, movers will use ramps. Floors should be covered to protect the residence from damage from wheels. Professional movers plan out your move in advance. Why should you be the conductor of your own move? Let your movers organize everything for you.

BCMovers offers full service moves that include packing. Full service moves save you the trouble of organizing your belongings. Let us do the organizing and labelling. Save yourself the headache.

BCMovers is prepared for any kind of move. Protect your belongings. Loose items should go in boxes. Furniture should be wrapped properly. Make sure your movers have proper dollies and wheelers.

Professional movers have the training and equipment to navigate stair sets. They can avoid damage in narrow areas. Trust your move to professionals, trust BCMovers.

Service Areas
Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Gibsons, White Rock, Surrey, Victoria, Pitt Meadows, Delta, Langley, Squamish

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Hire Home Movers In Vancouver

If you want to make a relaxed move, it’s a good idea to hire home movers in Vancouver ahead of time. By planning ahead, you can keep your costs down and save time. With one major item checked off of your list of worries, you can focus on packing. In “10 Moving Tips” from Ann’s Entitled Life, you can find out how to pack like a pro.

Remember to properly label all of your items so that the movers will know which boxes contain fragile items. Always use more bubble wrap and newspaper than you think you need to. If you want to save space, use towels as padding between furniture to avoid dings. Make sure your beds are the last items on the truck so that they will be the first items off.

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