Office Move Checklist

BC Movers Office Moving Tips & Checklist

Reducing downtime is the ultimate goal of all office moves.
What are some things you can do to prepare?
Office Move Checklist

1 Make a detailed list of everything in the room. If those post-it notes are necessary for your sales team, make sure it is written down. It saves time and money not to have to buy new office inventory because it was placed in the wrong box. (IE Paperclips, staplers, pens, etc.). This is also important to ensure that everything is placed in the right place where it is going.
2. Sell or donate surplus items. Many offices, like residences have surplus items that don’t need to be moved, this saves you time and money. Think Christmas decorations.
3. Create a system for labelling. Is this for current clients? Local clients? List of suppliers? List of personnel? Tax information? Business information? Decide on a system so that everything can be found quickly after you move into your new business.
4. Label all documents and folders properly. If you don’t have a filing system in place, create one. This is your insurance against having to look for days for that one client’s contact information.
5. Disconnect all machines from power sources and leave them together. You don’t need a pile of cables and cords that take hours to properly put together. Your movers know how to handle these items (IE tape the chords to the machines or place them in the same boxes for easy reconnection.)
6. Hand carry personal effects. Have a book of business that you are currently working on? The fastest way to access it is to carry it with you.
7. Transfer your utilities. Make sure that you are not stuck paying for utilities for your old office. Also, make sure you are arriving in a well lit location.
8. Confirm parking permits for trucks. This can have a major impact on the cost of moving. Closer access points significantly reduce moving time and will save you time and money.
9. Confirm elevator access to and from locations. This will be a major factor in determining when you can move.
10. Send us an e-mail or give us a call. After you move in, we would love to hear how you are doing.

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