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Moving is something you only do once every several years or perhaps once a lifetime. So, it can be helpful to familiarize with the process and flow.
  • 1
    Initial quote

    BCMovers will provide you with options over the phone or in person

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    Packing and preparation

    BCMovers will provide you with packing materials on request and help you with any questions you may have

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    Moving day

    BCMovers' crew will keep you informed about time and call you in advance.

Moving is something you only do once every several years or perhaps once a lifetime. So, it can be helpful to familiarize with the process and flow.

Here is a basic overview of how your move will unfold with BCMovers and what each step will be like.

1) Initial quote

After getting in touch by phone or e-mail, you will be contacted by a representative who will be able to give you a quote over the phone or may need to visit your property to give you an idea of what the estimated costs are. For busy periods around the end or beginning of the month, it is recommended to call in advance.

For on-site quotes, BCMovers will create a detailed overview of the items you are moving, consider disassembly, special requirements like access or heavy and fragile items like pianos. We will also talk about what you would like to do with boxes, or if you would like us to drop some off for you.

BCMovers’ staff will also go over with you about parking options, elevators and any other relevant information.

At this point, we will also discuss how you want to go about packing and what type of property you are moving to. Local moves are calculated by the hour. Long distance moves are calculated by weight.

For a very general idea of prices, you can refer to our local move calculator or long distance move calculator.

What you may want to decide at this point:

-How you will do the packing, or if you would like BCMovers to help.

-What day and what time of day you would like to move at.

What you should receive at this point:

-A quote

-A request for deposit in order to secure your availability

2) Packing, organizing the move and planning your transfers

At this point, you are getting ready to move. Whether BCMovers provides the boxes or you use another service, you are starting.

Before you start packing though, it is a good idea to have a plan. This will also help reduce issues with boxes at your new residence. One of the best systems we have found is a combination of color coding and information. For instance, all red tape boxes will go into the living room or something of that type. Also, make sure to include the type of boxes.

For important documents, small heirlooms and pets, you may want to move small amounts by yourself although there is no issue with leaving it to BCMovers. Make a note about these to BCMovers’ staff so they can make sure you have access to these right away after your move finishes.

If you are moving into an apartment, you may want to contact the building you are moving into and book off time of the elevator for the move. If you are moving into a house, you may want to make sure that there are no special permits required for the moving truck.

This is also the time when you should make a note of all your services, mail, internet and other things which need to be transferred. You will also need to do things like update your license. This can be quite time consuming, so give yourself a few weeks at least as a runway.

What you may want to decide at this point:

-If you have kids, you may want to decide what they will do. Depending on traffic and conditions, moves do not always go exactly according to the timeframes set.

-If you have pets, you may want to leave them with someone for the duration of the move.

-You may want to contact the post office for mail forwarding or speak with the new tenant or property owner about how to get your mail.

-You may want to have a list of all the items that you are packing so you can keep track of it after the move

-You may want to think of a system for moving your boxes so you can be fully set up as quick as possible at your new residence.

-You should have a detailed list of everything that needs to be transferred and how this will be accomplished. If you have a home phone number, this may also change and need to be updated.

-If it is a rental property, you may want to take pictures of any wear and tear to the property in advance.

3) Moving day

Even the smoothest move in the world can be stressful. There is so much to plan and even after it is done, you are still settling into your new residence.

On moving day, BCMovers’ staff will notify you in advance before arriving at the property.  When they arrive, they will provide you with an electronic Bill of Lading before proceeding.

BCMovers’ trucks each have dozens of different pieces of equipment in order protect both your belongings and the property you are moving to and from. After the movers arrive, they will quickly get to work. Any instructions and notes will have been passed down to the staff from the representative who initially viewed your property or spoke to you on the phone.

If there is anything you forgot, you can tell the movers directly or contact the representative who provided you with a quote. You can also contact us at our number to be provided with a quote.

After the move is finished, you may want to walk through the property with one of the BCMover’s staff just to make sure that everything is where you intended it. BCMovers’ is a local company and a significant number of our customers are repeat customers or come from word-of-mouth. So, your satisfaction is critical for us.


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