What things you should transfer and how.

What to transfer and how

Here is a list of the most common things that you need to transfer when you move in BC
What things you should transfer and how.

When you move, within British Columbia, there are a wide number of things that you need to update. Everything from banking records to driver’s licenses to phone, internet and hydro. There are many services which can now be updated online. Below you can find a list of the services you likely need to update along with instructions about how to transfer your address.



There are a variety of services that are available in BC but service may be limited in some areas.

Below are instructions on changing the most common 5 services in British Columbia:

  • Telus provides 5g coverage in all cities with over 10,000 population in BC. They also have 4g service across Vancouver Island, all of the lower mainland, Whistler and the Okanagan. For almost all areas in BC, Telus is an option for getting internet services. After logging into Telus, you can click on “My Profile” and click “Change Billing Address”. You can find detailed instructions You can also move your services with the link here.
  • Shaw provides coverage to all of the lower mainland and the East Coast of Vancouver Island. Service is a bit more limited inland of Vancouver Island. Most major cities are covered including Whistler and many parts of the more populated areas of the Okanagan have full service. For smaller t outside of these areas, service may be limited. To update your Shaw billing address, you can log into your account and update your services. To prepare services in advance, you can visit this page and follow the instructions to have your new residence set up in advance.
  • Teksavvy provides widespread coverage through BC. You will have to confirm though on the homepage under “check coverage” to see whether service is available in your new residence. Teksavvy uses Telus’ lines, so coverage should be fairly widespread throughout BC. You can follow the instructions on this page to move your residence.
  • Oxio is another popular option in BC. Oxio runs on Shaw’s lines. You can check whether your area is covered or not by going here. Changing services is very easy. You simply log into your account and can do everything online by going into your account information and click on the “I’m moving” button.
  • VMedia has widespread coverage across BC and uses both Shaw and Telus lines. To check whether Vmedia is available in your area, go to the site here and input the address from your new residence. To move your residence with Vmedia or set up a new account at a new address, you can find everything you need here.


Driver’s license and MSP

You can update your driver’s license with ICBC and your medical services plan at the same time by using the official government of Canada website at https://www.addresschange.gov.bc.ca/. All you need to do is select Residential from the opens.


Changing your address with Canada Revenue Agency


You can update your address for tax purposes at this link to update it within the CRA.



Changing address with banks

Below is a list of the five most common banks in BC and how you can update your address:

  • Royal Bank – Royal Bank accounts can be updated online by logging in and going to Profile and Preferences from the top. Afterwards, you can select your personal information and address and update them online.
  • Bank of Montreal – Bank of Montreal Accounts can be updated online by logging into your account and selecting My Contact Information and then editing it. The entire process can be completed online.
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – You can update your address by logging into CIBC and selecting customer services. From here you can update your contact information and address.
  • Bank of Nova Scotia – After logging in, you can go to your accounts page and click Manage my Primary Address to update.
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank – You can log into TD’s service EasyWeb and update your profile through “My Profile.”



You can transfer BCHydro online starting at this link. After logging in, you can simply input your move in and move out dates. You can also include updated information like e-mails and phone numbers.


Mailing Address

                If you are moving and you want to be sure you are not missing any bills, payments or other documentation, you can set up mail forwarding with Canada Post. Instructions can be found here. This can be a helpful service to have to insure that you do not miss any potential to your address. If you are moving regularly though for work, it may be in your best interest to rent a post office box. Unfortunately this needs to be done in person at a local post office. There are many services that provide this option including Anytime Mailbox, Postal1, PostScan, Canadian Address and Snail.ca.

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