Victoria moving companies help with all types of moving situations. One of the happiest moves we help with is the newlywed move. For some helpful tips on a smooth newlywed move, check out this article from the Chicago Tribune.

(BPT) – Wedding day traditions vary ever so slightly from decade to decade based on music, fashion and cultural change. However, today’s newlyweds have a distinct issue that their parents probably didn’t face a quarter century ago — which sectional couch stays, and which one goes?

Today’s wedding registries are still chock-full of china, saucers, spatulas and the like, but chances are your newlywed friends have already accumulated many of life’s necessities as a result of living on their own for years before marriage.

A recent survey of first-time newlyweds by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the median age of people marrying for the first time in the U.S. is at an all-time high. And while the percentage of young men and women living with their parents has risen in the past decade, more than 80 percent of Americans ages 25 to 34 live independently before marriage, according to Census Bureau reports.

So, what does a couple do when faced with duplicates of nearly everything before moving in together?

“Detach,” is the advice from Sean E. Burns, a psychologist with Counseling Associates of West Michigan. Click this link to finish reading What to do with all this stuff? Moving tips for newlyweds.

Although moving in together for the first time is exciting, it can also be complicated deciding which items to keep and which items to get rid of. With duplicates of furniture, newlyweds must be willing to give up a lot of items in order to avoid a cluttered house. When people have strong sentimental attachments to things, it can get tricky.