Victoria movers help with all types of long distance moves. Because of our job, we are right on the ground to notice real estate trends as they happen. Recently, the tech industry boom in San Francisco has led to a massive increase in home sales and moves in that area. Virtual Strategy Magazine wrote an interesting article about the subject.

Thanks to the tech industry boom in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, the real estate market is experiencing a surge, spurring increased home sales in the area. This uptick in home sales will, in turn, drive more moves, a trend that moving companies, such as McGuire Movers, has already noted in recent months.

More home purchases mean more moving and storage activity for both home buyers and sellers. To help guide a seamless move, the experts at McGuire Movers explain the proper timeline for moving and provide the following tips.

The moving specialists at McGuire Movers recommend that as soon as home sellers put their property on the market, they should begin purchasing packing supplies. These packing supplies should include different-sized boxes, tape, labels, and padding. To help home movers determine how many boxes they should purchase, McGuire Movers has provided a free moving tool powered by online real estate database Zillow on their website. This tool gives an estimate of how many boxes people will need based on factors such as number of rooms and size of the house.

Next, every room in the house should be de-cluttered and cleaned. Decide what to keep, pack those items, and properly label the boxes. Mark any boxes with fragile items to reduce the chance of damage. Any unwanted items should be thrown away, donated to a charity, or sold in a garage sale. Click this link to finish reading McGuire Movers Shares New Moving Advice as Tech Industry Lifts the Real Estate Market.

Changes in the economy are clearly reflected in the way people move, and we’re right there to see it. When the economy is on an upturn, we see more people moving into newly purchased homes.