Being Vancouver to Victoria movers, we help hundreds of people transition to their new homes every year. As a result, we’ve collected a lot of wisdom when it comes to packing. With all of the little tips and tricks we’ve learned about packing from customers, you could even call us experts on the subject. If you’re looking for some advice on packing for your move, check out this blog post from another expert packer.

Seeing your Moving Moments images on Instagram has been a blast, and the contest isn’t over yet so keep them coming! While you have been planning your move, has reached out to a veteran moving expert, Jamie, from C.R.A.F.T. to share insider tips and tricks to make your next move a successful one!

Jamie has moved 6 times in her adult life, and they were big moves at that. She moved from Texas to New York City, back to Texas, followed by a move to Florida and then back to Texas – just to name a few. Shew, we are tired just by reading this! Having moved across the country so many times, she knows what it takes to stay organized during a move and how to make the process as painless as possible.

You can’t start organizing and getting ready early enough. “I start collecting boxes the day I realize I will be moving! Once I have secured the boxes, I’m a pretty speedy packer,” exclaims Jamie. Once you begin packing, she recommends beginning with your closet. Start with all the different items on your closet shelves that you rarely use, or out of season clothes. The first items packed should be things you won’t need immediately. Click this link to finish reading Top Moving Tips from an Expert.

One of the tips we like the best in his post is to leave clothing inside of your dresser, saving valuable time and space. See you next blog post.