Three Critical Office Moving Preparation Steps You Can’t Forget

Reducing downtime is the ultimate goal of all office moves.

Here are three actions you can take to speed up your move.
Have all your staff informed of the relocation early on so everyone is in the know of how and when it will take place.
Three Critical Office Moving Preparation Steps You Can’t Forget

Draft a relocation plan outlining each stage of the move. Give all general staff and management a target date of when they’ll need to clean out all their desks pack their personal items.

Have a plan for disassembly and reassembly

If you have a lot of furniture that requires dismantling such as cubicles, desks, tables, etc.., and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of taking apart your high-tech equipment it would be best to have one of our move coordinators come in and help you determine whether or not you should hire us to do the disassembly at the original site, and set up at the new location.


If necessary, we also arrange additional services, such as facility decommissioning, to ensure the security of your IT and phone system during the course of the relocation. If you have a complex move and are confused about how to begin the process, don’t hesitate to call in our move coordinator.

Having an experienced professional in this field can be the difference of days or even weeks of staggered downtime.

Prepare a separate plan for IT equipment

Your business likely has various different types of high-tech equipment. Better to not disassemble anything or start taking high-tech components apart until you’ve had a consultant take a look and offer advice on procedures and efficient methods of organizing and dismantling things, unless someone in your office has previous experience at doing this and feels confident enough to take charge.

Additional safety precautions in handling the high-tech equipment and protecting it is important in preventing damage during the course of the move. If you’re feeling ambitious, follow the manufacturer instructions on dismantling the IT systems in preparation for the move.

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