Moving companies in BC generally offer an “hourly” rate, or “guaranteed” rate. The hourly rate by itself is a bit risky because the movers might not be very efficient or swift, and quite possibly under equipped, leading to a much higher than expected cost. The guaranteed rate by itself usually means the company is getting paid well, and you’ll potentially be taking out a second mortgage to pay for it, but don’t worry… at least you’ll know “how much” to budget for, right?





The good news about high guaranteed rates for moving in BC is the offset of the price of real estate. At least with the value of property you can potentially budget for an expensive move, and it’ll most likely be done well because the budget affords a professional experienced crew and the use of quality materials. That’s what a lot of moving companies would like you to think, anyway.

At BC Movers, we don’t think that way. We are now in a time where there are systems for everything. So, why can’t a company combine professional quality with efficiency of time and money into a system that GUARANTEES a lower price? Well, they CAN, and here it is:

We offer a dual billing system of hourly vs. guaranteed.

Now you can get the quality of a premiere moving service and not pay through the nose for it. We know that most people purge even more of their belongings between the point of an estimate and the actual moving day. Sometimes people even get into the “spirit of moving” and become very proactive about packing and preparing for a more time & cost efficient seamless move. For those who take charge of their move and prepare well, the reward of paying a lower final bill is only fair.

BC Movers sets a firm price as a cap, and operates on an hourly billing basis underneath the cap to ensure the lowest price. The benefit of the firm rate is that it provides a limit on cost, so you know the meter won’t just be running into the blue yonder – you won’t pay anymore than the cap.

The benefit of the simultaneous hourly rate is the move may end up costing less than the firm rate, in some cases, even lower than the estimated hourly assumption.

The purpose of our billing system is to encourage people to plan and prepare as best they can to ensure an optimal move on time and saving money. We’ll even help out by delivering materials when/if they’re needed, for no added delivery fees. If we have recycled materials still in good order we’ll drop those off free of charge. You let us know what your budget is and we’ll do our best to help tailor your move into your price.

If you are too busy with business/work and life’s demands, we have all the time to help plan and prepare your move for you.

BC Movers is capable of performing moves of all sizes.

Our commitment to you is to do what it takes to make your moving experience comfortable.

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