Corporate Moving


If you’re undergoing expansion and need more space, or simply looking to make things more efficient and downsize, BC Movers are the right professionals to assist you with your Vancouver office move or corporate relocation. Office moving requires comprehensive planning due to the advanced technological state and fast pace of today’s. 

For nearly two decades, BC Movers has been providing top level service for corporate moving, and office moving in Vancouver. To begin the process, we recommend an experienced BC Movers move support coordinator meet with you to do a thorough walk through and discuss your moving needs.

Because we move offices regularly, BC Movers has acquired the knowledge and skills to be one of Vancouver’s office moving industry leaders. We have the equipment to handle highly specialized moves, as well as maintain a large inventory of equipment to maximize efficiency.

BC Movers is the Vancouver office moving specialist that has the experience and knowledge you need to help devise the right strategy for your move.

At BC Movers, we know the most important variable in moving your office is not to have interruption to your productivity. Our experienced movers, equipment, and efficient methods will ensure s timely transition into your new office.

Contact us for a free estimate and preliminary consultation regarding your moving needs. 


are more often than not tilted to their sides, with contents removed and carefully labelled, to be out back after the move has been completed

must have all inks and toners taken out of the actual unit; top right corner should be labeled; warranties may become void if said copiers are transferred in a certain fashion, so please consult with your supplier before going through with moving the copiers

must be labeled at the top right corner and have all loose items emptied from them

must be neither overpacked or underpacked and taped properly on both sides, with label put on the side for more visibility

must be emptied completely, but any removed pegs or parts should be labeled in order to reassemble them more easily after the move has been completed

must be cleaned of any dirt or debris and then tagged on the top surface

must be disconnected by your company personnel before being blanket wrapped and packed by Vancouver Movers; each individual part should be carefully tagged, again for easier reassembling

must be marked “FRAGILE!” to ensure more careful handling by our staff and crew

will more often than not have to be carefully disassembled by Vancouver Movers for easier transporting

must have all items removed and tagged in a separate box or compartment

must be done in a strategic and methodical, organized manner; you may want to label items belonging to one corresponding area differently than those belonging to another area

*An accurate floor plan is strongly advised in order to ensure smoother office moving on both ends of the customer and BC.  This may also help you save on unnecessary sub-charges.