If you are moving in Burnaby, you can make the process much easier by coming up with a detailed plan ahead of time. Check out this helpful list of moving tips.

Here are seven crucial yet easy to follow tips on the most efficient way to get your move on the right track.

1. When should you move?

Make sure to give yourself a considerable amount of extra time to get things done. Time lets you plan and prepare. Then, decide on the timetable for moving. Summer is notably the peak season for moving companies. That means that prices are going to be higher then usual. However, it is important if you have school age children not to take them out of school for an extended period of time. Mostly though, your timetable for moving should depend on your personal situation.

2. Pre-move organization

The organization of your move is probably the biggest factor in determining how well the moving process will go. Make checklists of what needs to be done. You can make multiple lists if that will make it easier on you. Make sure you have some sort of effective method for organizing your relocation. In the end this will save you time, energy, and money, not to mention your sanity.

3. Pick a good moving company

Picking a good moving company is very important. First, ask your friends and family about their personal moving experiences with different moving companies. Next, research on the Internet to make sure any potential moving companies you may choose are licensed, insured, and legitimate.

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Your moving plan begins with a well thought out timetable and pre-move organization. Next, your tasks are to choose a highly recommended moving company and pack. If you can take care of these important steps early, you will have plenty of time to tie up loose ends and organize paperwork.