BC Movers newest addition: Our Mascot – Movicorn

Unlike the legendary unicorn, Movicorn is here. To provide you with top level service. And to help your children keep believing that maybe, just maybe, unicorns are real.


There is no secret to moving. We wish there was! Really. But we need furniture, memories, things to live, things to work, things to enjoy. So until everything in your house is a hologram, you will need professionals.

We know it is tempting to do a lot of the moving yourself. Instead of calling BC Movers and movicorn. It certainly seems cheaper too.

It might even be cheaper if:

  1. No items get damaged. We are professionals and insured. So you don’t have to worry about replacing your belongings.
  2. No portions of your property will be damaged by yourself or your friends. Again, same point as above.
  3. You don’t pay your friends anything. Because movers work professionally, they are able to move efficiently and faster than you probably can.
  4. You happen to have several thousand dollars worth of moving equipment around. Dollies, pads, wheelers, tool sets, straps, ramps, neoprene rolls, wrap, tape, boxes, bins, and other equipment don’t fall from the sky.
  5. You don’t injure anyone or yourself. Every year several thousand people injure their backs and their bodies. This happens because people put too much pressure on parts of their body. Or it can happen because of lifting something because they don’t have proper tools. My friend still has a slipped disk from trying to move a desk. Ten years ago. His move was free though.
  6. You get a good deal with a moving truck. Which you can drive. Without damaging anything.
  7. You can afford to not work for 2-3 days. On our residential form, to get an idea of the time it will take, multiply everything by 4 times. With proper equipment by 3 times. That gives you an idea of the manpower you will need.

BC Movers is happy to provide answers to any questions you may have.