Furniture Movers Vancouver would like to insure your next move would be stress free and totally at ease.  Antique furniture has unique value both for sentimental reasons (Grandma’s desk) and economic (that collectable Franklin chair)  Our trained staff knows how to pack and ship such furniture.  You will be completely satisfied at the condition it arrives in at your new home.  Packed to perfection and handled with extreme care, we take pride in our service.

We would like to invite you to stop by our shop and let us show you how the packing process works for fine furniture.  We found a blog post that has a few valid tips that we would like to share.
Ah, moving day. It’s exciting, stressful, exhausting and usually holds a surprise or two. One surprise you never want to experience when you move is for a delicate piece of furniture to get damaged or broken. Sturdy items like outdoor patio furniture can typically be loaded directly onto a rented moving truck without much concern, but antiques, fine woods, art and items with many connecting pieces need care and planning to ensure they arrive to your new home in good condition.
Make moving day less hectic by gathering your packing supplies ahead of time. Some of the necessary items, like moving blankets or a hand truck, can be rented from your truck rental or POD company. Moving boxes, tape and packing paper are easy to find at home improvement stores, truck rental locations and self storage offices. The following is a basic list of supplies to have on hand when it’s time to start packing:
Packing tape
Packing paper (10lb or 25lb bundle)
Markers, usually one black and one red
Scissors and/or razor blade
Styrofoam peanuts and/or bubble wrap
Stretch wrap for cloth furniture (e.g. sofas)
A variety of cardboard boxes, from small to extra large.  Click here to view rest of article.
You may be sure that your fine furniture will be treated just like we owned it ourselves.  The care that it needs is fully acknowledged by our professionally trained personnel.  If there is more that we can do please feel free to call or stop by the office. Thank you.