Professional Movers protect your property from damage. BCMovers keeps your belongings protected.

This video shows the professional equipment BCMovers brings to every move.

One of the first things you may notice in this video is how there is a plank that covers the entrance steps. Here are some other things your movers should be doing:

Covering the floor, especially hardwood floors

By laying out covering over the floor, this protects against contact damage. Most moving companies use dollies and wheelers to speed up the move. This does not protect against dirt from outside.

Wrapping furniture in pads

Although most furniture will be strapped down to dollies. There is always a possibility of contact damage during transport to the truck. Also, there is a possibility of touching or contact inside the truck. Portions of furniture that could come into contact with walls, floors or the elements should be protected with furniture pads. Every moving truck should have pads. This gives an extra degree of preparation.

During moving, bulky items can unintentionally rub up against walls in narrow passages. Simple wrap allows for no mistakes. Any kind of rubbing will leave marks on the walls and potentially damage furniture. Especially the finishes on chairs and tables.

Wrapping fragiles in bubble wrap

Glass, China, plates – all of these are items that rarely move around in your residence. To move them in bulk requires careful insulation. Depending on the items, they will probably be layered inside boxes. The safest way to transport items in bubble wrap is to stagger them inside of the boxes. One layer being put diagonally on top of a level below it being staggered diagonally in a different direction. This allows items to have some space during transport. Items that are packed too tightly risk being damaged during transportation.

Boxing items

Boxing can be a bit of an art. BCMovers is a full service moving company. We are happy to do the packing for you. Proper boxing saves you time and money. It protects against damage. It also lessens bulk.

Make sure that all boxes are properly labelled. This makes finding your belongings easier.

Make sure that your local Vancouver movers are employing proper equipment and professional moving standards.