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Furniture Movers Vancouver – Furniture Moving Tips

Moving furniture takes skill, know-how,  and a very strong good back.  Don’t try moving your refrigerator into the basement without help from a small army.  Or you may end up putting yourself in traction or worse.  When you do move furniture make sure to wear a back brace or weight training belt, steel toe boots, and make sure to always use a furniture dolly.

We found a great blog post sharing a lot of other tips you should keep in mind whenever you attempt to move furniture around.

Sometimes you are all there is. There isn’t anyone else around who can help you move the furniture. Do you wait until someone happens by? Do you call a friend or relative that you’ve used way too many times before? Moving furniture’s not an emergency, and you like to save the frantic calls to relatives until you have one of those. You can’t call 911, or the police, or the city maintenance crew to help. It’s up to you and only you. So what do you do when you have to move furniture alone? Here are 10 tips to make your task easier.

Tip #1: Study the Problem

Study the whole situation before you take on the challenge. Few things are worse than throwing your whole effort into something to discover you liked it better the way it was before. Sometimes it helps to draw a scale drawing and map things out on grid paper. But if nothing else, at least measure the dimensions of the furniture piece you intend to move. In addition, measure any doorways or hallways through which it must pass, and measure the new place that it will call home. Click here to view rest of article.

Hope these tips helped you out a bit.  Just make sure to use your head when moving heavy furniture around to avoid injuring yourself.  The video posted below also has some great information to keep you safe as well.

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Bc Moving Companies – Tips To Make Your Move A Smooth One

Our BC moving companies are looking forward to working with you on your local move or relocation.  Moving can be a labor intensive/time consuming proposition.  When you do it yourself plan on several weeks of preparation such as having the boxes labeled according to room.  Make sure to have an ample quantity of different sized boxes and crates  on hand.

The logistics of truck rentals and  trailer reservations need to coincide with the time allotted for the move.  It can be stressful.  These tips were from a blog post we recently discovered we thought you may enjoy.

give Quartet a new home so it doesn't sit too long in these boxes.

Image by Inha Leex Hale via Flickr

U-Haul moving tips

Move on a weekday when banks, utilities and government offices are open. U-Haul locations also offer a lower per mile rate on weekdays.

If you’re moving locally, leave the power and water on at your old address a few extra days so you can go back and clean up after your move.

Purchase boxes and moving supplies 2-4 weeks before your move.

Choose a ‘packing room’ ahead of time and box up a few things each day.

Use moving labels to mark each box with its contents and destination room.

To save time, rent a carpet cleaner at the same time you rent your truck.

If moving locally, leave your pets with a friend on moving day. Animals can become confused and frightened during a move.

Allow for extra braking room when driving a moving truck. Anticipate stops and allow a 3-second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you.  Click here to read the rest of the post.

Hope these moving tips help you out when you’re finally ready to move in to your new home.  Of course you can always hire a professional and let us handle all that undue stress.  That might be the best tip of all.  See you next blog post.  🙂

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Vancouver Moving Company – Tips For You

Ready for some more moving tips from your from your favorite Vancouver moving company?  We hope so because we have a brand new batch of them for you!

If you have never moved a house hold full of possessions then you are in for a bit of surprise!  The act of moving is a process that is learned.  So the more you do it the better you get at it.  Newlyweds usually find this out the hard way.

While browsing online I found this neat article sharing moving tips for newlyweds.  Take a look at them and let us know what you think of them.

give Quartet a new home so it doesn't sit too long in these boxes.

Image by Inha Leex Hale via Flickr

Wedding day traditions vary ever so slightly from decade to decade based on music, fashion and cultural change. However, today’s newlyweds have a distinct issue that their parents probably didn’t face a quarter century ago – which sectional couch stays, and which one goes?

Today’s wedding registries are still chock-full of china, saucers, spatulas and the like, but chances are your newlywed friends have already accumulated many of life’s necessities as a result of living on their own for years before marriage.-

A recent survey of first-time newlyweds by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the median age of people marrying for the first time in the U.S. is at an all-time high. And while the percentage of young men and women living with their parents has risen in the past decade, more than 80 percent of Americans ages 25 to 34 live independently before marriage, according to Census Bureau reports.

So, what does a couple do when faced with duplicates of nearly everything before moving in together?…More at What to Do with All This Stuff? Moving Tips for Newlyweds


Moving does not have to be traumatic.  Take your time, do your research,  and get us much advice as you can before making your move.  Of course if you would like to have us help you with your move we would be more than happy to take care of everything for you.  Give us a call and let’s talk about it.

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Moving Companies Vancouver – Come Join The Fun

Moving Companies Vancouver: We are excited about the new growth of the economy here in the Canadian west.  The areas natural beauty against the backdrop of the Rockies, creates a desirable location to relocate your business and your family here.  Raising a family away from the clogged cities of the east is a dream of almost every family.  The mountain getaways and the clean air rejuvenate you on the weekends creating a fresh start on Mondays.

We would be remiss if we didn’t promote the natural beauty and healthy economy Vancouver has to offer.

Stream View

Image by Kumaravel via Flickr

A new YouTube video titled “Grow Inc.” presents Vancouver as a city “fast becoming Silicon Valley North.”

“It’s the best of Seattle, the best of San Francisco, and the best of L.A., all kind of rolled into one,” says Rob Glaser, a pioneer in audio and video on the web.

Also making a prominent appearance in the video is Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson .

“Technology is now a critical part of Vancouver’s economy,” the mayor notes. “We have more jobs in technology than we have in mining, oil and gas, and forestry combined. Over 80,000 technology jobs….We have amazing clusters of talent here and it is driving the economy of the city now.”…More at Entrepreneurs transforming Vancouver into “Silicon Valley North” – (blog)

A new life with a new start may be just what you’re looking for.  Our Vancouver movers would love to welcome you to our beautiful area.  Make sure to post any questions or comments you have regarding the Vancouver area.

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Moving Services and the GST in BC

On April 1st BC switches over to the GST. BC is actually reverting back to the system we had before combining the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and Federal GST (Goods and Services Tax) into the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).

So, the point being that as of 1 April we charge 5% GST on moving services in Vancouver, BC. (and not 12% HST)

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Vancouver Office Movers – Tips For Moving Your Business

Our Vancouver office movers understand  the stress that moving can sometime bring about.  It can be pretty tough to plan everything out as well as adding the stress that naturally comes from moving to a new neighborhood or town.  The trick is to get as many tips as you can find to help you navigate successfully through the process.

Tips abound on the internet and some of them are excellent while others are worthless.  We spent a little time browsing and came up with this one for you.  Enjoy the read.

2. If You Are Moving Yourself Start Packing Early

Never wait until the last minute.  If you are moving your own business, start packing items you do not use on a regular basis as soon as possible.  Most people severely understimate the time it takes to pack by several days.  If you have a large inventory of items to go through add several weeks to how long you think it will take to pack items.

If you want to save on packing costs, consider purchasing used boxes and packing supplies.

3. If You Are Hiring A Moving Company

If you are planning on hiring a mover, call at least one to two months in advance. Be sure to get several price quotes and ask for proof of insurance. If the moving company will be packing you, remember that most moving companies do not make decisions for you – they pack everything – including trash cans with trash in them and will simply unplug a refrigerator and move it with food inside. Be sure to take care of all perishable items yourself or you could end up with rotting food and garbage.

4. Mark Your Boxes – Number Them If You Hire A Moving Company

Clearly mark boxes and on the tops and sides so you can locate items more quickly if you need to unpack something before you move (or immediately after you move.) If you just mark the tops, you will find it harder to locate items quickly. If you have hundreds of boxes, it pays to have a numbering system to avoid losing items in the move – this is particularly important if you hire a moving company. If you number your boxes with a brief description of what is inside them, and the moving company loses any in the move, you will have an easier time making a claim. Click here to read the rest of the article.

Can you see how implementing these tips can make your move less stressful?  Now here is a short video we found that shares additional moving tips.



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Moving Supplies

Call us at (604) 317-1986 if you’re looking for Moving Supplies such as boxes, tape, wardrobe boxes, wrap, or blankets. Our Vancouver Moving trucks carry many supplies on the truck and provide free wardrobe boxes for all residential moves. We also offer free boxes on local moves so please inquire about how we can help many your move day less stressful.

We charge $85/hour for 2 men and a truck with no hidden surcharges. Call for details or send in a quick quote form for a rapid response on a Greater Vancouver Move.

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Coquitlam Movers

Coquitlam movers BC Movers offers low cost service within Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. If you need Moving Services in Coquitlam give us a call at (604) 317-1986. Residential and Commercial movers for Vancouver and Coquitlam.

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Impressive Crew

I just wanted to send a big thank you to yourself and our moving crew for the wonderful experience we had moving on Thursday! My husband and I were extremely impressed with how quickly the crew moved us from one house to the other! They were the perfect blend of professional and fun and we had a great time working with them to get our house set up just right.

I have already suggested you to a friend who will be moving in a few months and will not hesitate to continue to pass on your information to everyone we know! Thank you again!!

P Wilhite, Yaletown, Vancouver

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Thank You

This is just to say thank you for everything you did for us, you were there when we needed help the most, you responded when no one else could help us, your guys are the most pleasant hard working guy’s who took great care moving our furniture from our old house to the new one, the care and detail to quality of work, and how they ever managed to get all that stuff into all those tight corners without one little bit of damage is testament to their character and work ethic.

On behalf of myself and family we all would like to say thanks a lot for everything you did, you all did a great job, if you ever need a reference do not hesitate to call.

W. Webb, Gulf Islands

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