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Summer is the Busiest Time of Year For Vancouver to Nanaimo Movers

If you are hiring Vancouver to Nanaimo movers this summer, you have chosen the busiest time of year to move. With the weather getting warmer, more people than ever are deciding to change homes. For a smooth transition, it’s important to plan your move well ahead of time. Decide whether you require a full-service or partial service mover, pack strategically and always remember to keep track of small parts. For some helpful tips on moving and packing, check out this blog post entitled Summer Moving Tips.

If you’re moving this summer, the busiest season for moving, you know how daunting it can be. But if you create a blueprint for your move, the transition from house to house will go more smoothly.

Here are 10 things you can do to prepare for a seamless transition.

1. Full serve, partial serve or a do-it-yourself move. Can you do it alone or should you hire a licensed moving company for a full-service or partial-service move? This is one of the first and often most difficult questions soon-to-be moving households face. The answer depends on your lifestyle, household size, budget and amount of time you have to get everything accomplished. Get written quotes from at least three licensed moving companies so you know you’re getting the best deal based on your specific moving needs. Moving yourself or doing a partial-service move? Packing calculators can make it easier to estimate the amount of boxes and packing materials needed.

2. Plan to unpack BEFORE you pack. Take photos of each room in the new home before you arrive with furniture, plants, appliances and family in tow. Write down on a clip board where each item should go in your next home before packing, and carry it with you on moving day. List out the major items that need to be assembled first. As you place each item in its new room, cross it off the list and you will be one step closer to enjoying your new home.

3. Be strategic about packing. If you have more than a month to ‘pick up and move’, start early. Complete a free change of address and schedule utilities ahead of time at Start packing early. Whether it’s one room, one cabinet or a drawer at a time, weed through what may be years of accumulation. As you’re going through your belongings, divide everything into these helpful categories: donate to charity, give to a friend, recycle, trash, pack now, or keep handy until moving day. You’ll be surprised at how much you can donate, recycle or give to friends. And, you’ll not be overwhelmed with the task at hand three days before you move. Click this link to finish reading Summer Moving Tips.

Check out this video for some tips to help make moving with your family an easy one.

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Our Long Distance Vancouver and Victoria Movers Can Help

If you are considering moving long distance to Vancouver or Victoria, movers can help you to transport your physical belongings. How your mental wellbeing will fare with your new neighbors, though, is a question only you can answer. In a humorous new blog post, Snarky in the Suburbs discusses the various tactics she employs in order to ascertain the intelligence and politeness level of a community. After 14 long distance moves, she shares her tricks for quickly analyzing people’s behavior in parking lots to determine the overall character of a town.

Dear Snarky, I’ve heard you mentioned before that you have moved around the country a lot. My family is about to move to the West Coast and I was wondering if you had any Snarky tips on how to find the best place to live in the burbs. You know, the kind of information you can’t get from just looking at houses with a realtor.

Signed, Patricia

Dear Patricia,

How savvy of you to reach out to me. After moving 14 times and counting, of course, I have tips on how to find an awesome place to live and the best part is you never have to get out of your car to put these tips into action. I’ve found that there are three things that determine whether a neighborhood, suburb, or community is comprised of decent human beings. Click this link to finish reading Dear Snarky – Moving Tips.

Today’s video we’re posting is another good one sharing moving tips. This one in particular shares information on how to pack your kitchen properly.

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Save Money Before The Surrey Moving Company Shows Up At Your Door

Before the Surrey moving company you hired pulls up in your driveway, there are some little things you can do to save money on your move. First, don’t buy your moving boxes, collect them. Any large grocery store is sure to have big fruit boxes that are perfect for packing. Next, start eating everything you have in your cabinets, even if it means getting creative with your cooking. Also, make lists of what you need to do because time is money. For more detailed frugal moving tips, check out this blog.

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Moving To Victoria, BC Can Get Stressful, So Take A Break!

If you are moving to Victoria BC, packing your entire life can get stressful. It’s important to take a step back and remember what’s important. Cleaning your current home, giving away what you don’t need and planning your trip are the three most important tasks you have right now. During this process, it’s a necessity that you take breaks. Overworking yourself during a move is very damaging to your mental health and can lead to poor decision-making. Check out this helpful blog post for more tips on making a smart move.

Clean Your Room!

One of the most repeated requests by moms across the world still rings in our ears “Clean your room.” Before moving out of your current place give it a good cleaning. Cleaning isn’t just about cleanliness. It’s also about taking care of your things and taking pride in the place you live – even if you won’t be there much longer. Show the future owners of your home just how great it is from the moment they walk in the door.

Share With Others

Learning to share is an important life lesson that moms instill in their children from an early age. Making a move provides you with a perfect opportunity to share the things you no longer use or want through donations. Once you’ve cleaned house you’ll probably find there’s lots of things that fall into this category. Sharing through donations not only gives you philanthropic feel-good vibes, it also can be used as a tax deduction.

Click this link to finish reading Mom’s Rules for Moving – Tips Based on Lessons Learned as a Kid.

Looking for some more moving tips? Here’s a video we found on YouTube worth watching.

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Moving Is Easier When You Hire Professional Langley Movers

When you are planning a tough move, hiring professional Langley movers can help to take a lot of the burden off of your shoulders. When you leave the packing and driving to someone else, you can do a better job of tying up other loose ends before you go. Make sure the moving company you choose is reliable by doing your research and getting more than one estimate. Before you go, there are a lot of little things to remember like shutting off the utilities and changing your address with the post office. Check out this blog post for more valuable moving tips.

When you are finalizing your plans for the big move from your old home to your new dream home, there are many things that you should be cognizant of in the process. Moving isn’t something you just wake up one day and do, it takes time.

To alleviate the hassle and stress of moving – and I know we all hate it! – you should keep in mind some of these suggestions:

Pick a reliable and trusted moving company to make the move easier for you and your family. Just like the first time you were investing in real estate, whether it was your first home or first apartment, you did the research to make sure you knew what you were getting into. Same goes with picking a moving company. You want to see if they are going to take their time and do it right, or if they are just in to overcharge you for moving. This is important. Pick the right one by doing the researching and looking for referrals. It will pay off in more ways than one. Click this link to finish reading Valuable Moving Tips.

Here’s a pretty good video that shares a lot of good moving tips you can check out too.

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You Should Be Organizing Long Before The Burnaby Movers Arrive

Before your Burnaby movers arrive, you should be planning your relocation at least one month ahead of time. It’s common sense that the sooner you start organizing, packing and planning for your move, the easier time you’ll have on moving day. Organize well and you’ll have more time to remember the little things that people often forget. Taking the time to write a detailed check list can help immensely. We’ve found an excellent, ready-made one on Enjoy the information!

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Burnaby Moving Companies – How To Avoid Being Scammed

Being one of the more blogger friendly Burnaby Moving Companies we often post helpful information that we feel helps educates Vancouver residents in how to protect themselves from unscrupulous scam artists.

One area of the moving industry that has us concerned is the high number of scam artists that are taking advantage of unsuspecting movers. Take a look at this blog post we recently found that is loaded with great information in how to avoid being scammed by a moving company.

Before we go into how to find a good moving company, it would be best if we explain why we are here. got it’s start in 2001, when the site owner, Tim Walker, was scammed by America’s Best Movers and decided to fight back (see “The True Story”). Very shortly, Tim learned that he was not alone in his plight and was joined by other consumers who were dedicated to providing solid, impartial consumer education and to working for better consumer protections in the moving industry. Early on, this led to the feeling that all movers were evil greedy companies out to gouge their clients. As the years progressed, it became apparent that not only were there many, many legitimate moving companies out there, but also those who try to keep their customer’s best interest in mind, many of whom you will find listed here. Later on, these consumers were joined by people within the moving industry, volunteering their time to help consumers like you, find moving companies in their industry with whom you can work and trust. Click here to view rest of article.

The information provided here can make the difference between a stress-free move and a loss of your money with no work done.  If you need moving services we would love to be considered as your moving company.

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Furniture Movers Vancouver – Tips For Packing Delicate Furniture

Furniture Movers Vancouver would like to insure your next move would be stress free and totally at ease.  Antique furniture has unique value both for sentimental reasons (Grandma’s desk) and economic (that collectable Franklin chair)  Our trained staff knows how to pack and ship such furniture.  You will be completely satisfied at the condition it arrives in at your new home.  Packed to perfection and handled with extreme care, we take pride in our service.

We would like to invite you to stop by our shop and let us show you how the packing process works for fine furniture.  We found a blog post that has a few valid tips that we would like to share.
Ah, moving day. It’s exciting, stressful, exhausting and usually holds a surprise or two. One surprise you never want to experience when you move is for a delicate piece of furniture to get damaged or broken. Sturdy items like outdoor patio furniture can typically be loaded directly onto a rented moving truck without much concern, but antiques, fine woods, art and items with many connecting pieces need care and planning to ensure they arrive to your new home in good condition.
Make moving day less hectic by gathering your packing supplies ahead of time. Some of the necessary items, like moving blankets or a hand truck, can be rented from your truck rental or POD company. Moving boxes, tape and packing paper are easy to find at home improvement stores, truck rental locations and self storage offices. The following is a basic list of supplies to have on hand when it’s time to start packing:
Packing tape
Packing paper (10lb or 25lb bundle)
Markers, usually one black and one red
Scissors and/or razor blade
Styrofoam peanuts and/or bubble wrap
Stretch wrap for cloth furniture (e.g. sofas)
A variety of cardboard boxes, from small to extra large.  Click here to view rest of article.
You may be sure that your fine furniture will be treated just like we owned it ourselves.  The care that it needs is fully acknowledged by our professionally trained personnel.  If there is more that we can do please feel free to call or stop by the office. Thank you.
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Vancouver Office Movers – Moving Coordination Tips

The staff here at Vancouver office movers are totally committed to your successful office move.  Our trained, experienced movers realize that there is absolutely no possibility that any one person can have the knowledge they have in their highly specialized field.  So we spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for great information we can pass on to you.  We look forward to being able to be able to share our own specific knowledge and skills with you when it comes time to make your next move.

In order to better educate you to everything you should know ahead of time regarding your office move we found a great blog post you should find extremely helpful.

You should begin the planning process at least 60 days prior to your actual moving day. This will give you time to change all of your letterhead and vendor information, and it will also give your customers time to adjust their records as well. While planning your move, consider which departments need to be moved first and up to speed in the new location as soon as possible. Make your arrangements based on getting those departments in place along with the changeover of utilities and communications services. Send out notices to all of the entities you do business with alerting them of your move, the date the move becomes effective and the new address.
Appoint Two Coordinators
You will need someone to coordinate the packing of the current office and the smooth movement of all departments, and you will need someone to coordinate the incoming equipment and the process of getting everything and everyone in place in the new location. These should be two separate people. By having to separate people you allow each to focus on only one side of the move, and that can make it easier for them to coordinate moving day.
Train Your Employees
A memo telling your employees the new location address and when they should report for work there is not sufficient. Your clients and vendors will have questions about your move and you will need the salespeople and accounts payable staff to be able to answer them, or at least know where they can get clearer information. One of the keys to reducing the negative impact of a move on your business is good communication with your employees, your customers and your suppliers. Click here to view the article in its entirety.
We have countless tips available to aide you in your planning for that expected move.  In an effort to keep you informed we will be adding even more tips here on our blog.  If there is anything else we could do to help in the meantime please give us a call.
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Our North Vancouver Movers Will Help You Avoid Moving Nightmares

As north Vancouver movers we fully understand the total dissatisfaction clients feel when they get taken advantage of by seedy moving companies.  The total disregard of these companies heaps untold misery on their innocent clients while at the same time crippling good relations between honest moving companies such as our own and the public.

So having said that we found some extremely helpful information that we thought you may find useful.  Please take the time to fully read it in order to better protect yourself when it comes time for you to hire a moving company.

It has been said that, next to divorce and the death of a family member, moving is among the most stressful experiences many people will have in their lifetime.
Dealing with a bad moving company makes matters worse.
“Aside from being extorted for money, they may even damage your goods,” said Ada Vassilovski, vice president of online marketing and product management for Imagitas in Waltham, Mass., which operates, a resource offering advice for stress-free moves.
Some unscrupulous moving companies are notorious for underestimating the weight of items they’ve been hired to transport and even resorting to extreme measures to squeeze a few extra dollars out of their customers — including holding everything a customer owns and cherishes essentially for ransom.
The bad players in the industry have prompted federal lawmakers to offer consumers more protection. Click here to view total article.

Please understand that there are rotten apples in just about every industry on the planet.  But that doesn’t detract from all the great work reputable movers are performing in the area.    We hope we can be of more service  to you when it comes time for your next move.  In the meantime let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

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