As north Vancouver movers we fully understand the total dissatisfaction clients feel when they get taken advantage of by seedy moving companies.  The total disregard of these companies heaps untold misery on their innocent clients while at the same time crippling good relations between honest moving companies such as our own and the public.

So having said that we found some extremely helpful information that we thought you may find useful.  Please take the time to fully read it in order to better protect yourself when it comes time for you to hire a moving company.

It has been said that, next to divorce and the death of a family member, moving is among the most stressful experiences many people will have in their lifetime.
Dealing with a bad moving company makes matters worse.
“Aside from being extorted for money, they may even damage your goods,” said Ada Vassilovski, vice president of online marketing and product management for Imagitas in Waltham, Mass., which operates, a resource offering advice for stress-free moves.
Some unscrupulous moving companies are notorious for underestimating the weight of items they’ve been hired to transport and even resorting to extreme measures to squeeze a few extra dollars out of their customers — including holding everything a customer owns and cherishes essentially for ransom.
The bad players in the industry have prompted federal lawmakers to offer consumers more protection. Click here to view total article.

Please understand that there are rotten apples in just about every industry on the planet.  But that doesn’t detract from all the great work reputable movers are performing in the area.    We hope we can be of more service  to you when it comes time for your next move.  In the meantime let us know if there is anything we can do for you.