If you are considering moving long distance to Vancouver or Victoria, movers can help you to transport your physical belongings. How your mental wellbeing will fare with your new neighbors, though, is a question only you can answer. In a humorous new blog post, Snarky in the Suburbs discusses the various tactics she employs in order to ascertain the intelligence and politeness level of a community. After 14 long distance moves, she shares her tricks for quickly analyzing people’s behavior in parking lots to determine the overall character of a town.

Dear Snarky, I’ve heard you mentioned before that you have moved around the country a lot. My family is about to move to the West Coast and I was wondering if you had any Snarky tips on how to find the best place to live in the burbs. You know, the kind of information you can’t get from just looking at houses with a realtor.

Signed, Patricia

Dear Patricia,

How savvy of you to reach out to me. After moving 14 times and counting, of course, I have tips on how to find an awesome place to live and the best part is you never have to get out of your car to put these tips into action. I’ve found that there are three things that determine whether a neighborhood, suburb, or community is comprised of decent human beings. Click this link to finish reading Dear Snarky – Moving Tips.

Today’s video we’re posting is another good one sharing moving tips. This one in particular shares information on how to pack your kitchen properly.